The Biotechnology

Biotechnology has pop up as a very promising career option in India together with abroad in the past decade. Owing to this, lots of students with an interest in sciences and research opt for courses in biotechnology to take it up as a profession. As the term implies, it is a combination of biology and technology. It truly is a knowledge-based industry that relies on human skills to leverage pre-existing technology, scientific methods and knowledge of biology to provide you with products and solutions to day-to-day situations of life in addition to many other fields that influence us like medicine, home gardens, environment, genetics, industrial growth etc. In biotechnology, technology is applied on biological systems, living organisms, and enzymes to perform industrial or manufacturing processes. Biotechnology plays a primary role in serving mankind by contributing to industries just like agriculture, animal husbandry, health care. The closely related fields of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics are sub-fields within biotechnology which could yield fruitful results in biotechnology research. Pharmacogenetics explores the relationship between a person’s genetic make-up as well as the way that this influences responses to various types of medicine. Research in this field, as suggested by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OEC), can give attention to ways to utilize this knowledge for the purpose of improving public health and health policy. Pharmacogenomics is the very same as pharmacogenetics, except that it focuses on the creation of new drugs making use of biotechnology. Biotechnology is the science which combines biology with technology that is utilized rampantly in pharmaceutical sector. This science has confirmed to be a boon especially in manufacturing of vaccinations and genetic testing.

Manufacturing of vaccines: Every pharmaceutical company seeks at producing products that can help tackle severe health problems in addition to benefit the society in a major way. With the increasing amount of population, changing lifestyles as well as economies the world is facing health problems together with diseases that happen to be tough to cure. Biotechnology has effectually found cure for numerous ailments together with cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, Hepatitis B, bone fractures etc. By investment seriously in biotechnological research together with testing many pharma manufacturers happen to be able to find techniques to diseases that at a point of time were considered to be not curable. This science as a result has helped in busting common myths and scientists even now are reviewing this science along with the benefits it can have on us.